“And how will you hang the stars in your dreams? Will you take each day and chart a course along to greatness ?So that is why I say to you…. dream big, dream bold, dream immense unimaginable dreams. Dreams with hope, dream with passion, dream with love and compassion. Dream for you and for me and for him and for her. Then add only one more small key ingredient…. and this my friends is the most critical part. Decide to create your dreams into reality. Do what you see in your mind. Just do it!”
-Barbara Lynn McBean

  • Review information, attend a webinar, and one on one consultation

  • Review and discuss the Franchise Disclosure Document

  • Complete your Application

  • Talk with other franchisees about their success

  • Meet with our executive team

  • Business plan approval

  • Sign the franchise agreement


“The future is not created by dreaming about it…….the future is created by doing something about it. I have always loved innovation. I love science and technology and the process of investigation and learning. What key principles I have come to understand about where we are headed is that if you have a vision you must play an active role in its creation. That may be uncharted territory with obstacles to overcome along the way. I see so many people; day in and day out that watch inspirational videos on youtube or that read and read about making a change; but the magic to all this is in the hard work. You ARE going to have to fight, you ARE going to face opposition, you WILL undoubtedly be exhausted and frustrated …..but FOCUS on the progress. Rome was not built in a day. This is true but what is also a fact is that we have billions of people that could work each day to making the world better. That would and could really amount to an amazing and efficient force if we could all collaborate our efforts into specific common goals. Anything is possible, but its up to us to make it probable. I can’t say there is anything I love more than a hard days work. I feel the satisfaction of a job well done, the pride that I know I am making my mark each tiny moment at a time. The dreams and direction I am headed are grande and I love it….its the fire that ignites my passion to keep moving towards a better future.”
-Barbara Lynn McBean